From the beginning Rajarh Agricultural works has been dedicated to producing only the finest quality products. Customers can feel the difference that Rajarh Agricultural works makes. We have a policy of sourcing raw materials from Centers of Excellence and from Core Suppliers within those Centers of Excellence with whom we have a working relationship of more than 30 years. We adhere to strict quality standards right from the stage of procuring raw materials to the weaving of fabric till the application of a finishing technique.

Satisfaction of our much valued customers is a primary goal of Rajarh Agricultural works. We will do whatever is possible to ensure orders are taken, processed and delivered in the most convenient way possible for the customer.

Rajarh Agricultural works has a habit to search for the finest quality ingredients to include in its products. We has a team of chefs that have masterminded the products that countless customers wear to love today.

When it comes to final finish , the count, construction and the denier of the machine assumes importance. We draw on our decades of experience to accurately set the count and construction which gives the perfect finish and fall to the most essential part of our products - the base of Machines.

Other Products
  • Bed Maker

  • Suhaga

  • Bed Planter

Agriculture Water Tank