Bed Planter

Rajarh Bed Planter was tested by Farm Machinery Testing Center P.A.U. Ludhiana (PB.). The machine has 4 tynes with adjustment for row spacing. The seed and fertilizer shaft are driven from a common ground wheel through a chain and sprocket arrangement.The machine was equipped with furrow openers, fluted feed rollers for metering seed and fertilizer. Bed Planter is used for sowing of 4 rows of wheat on a single bed. A scraper type shaper is provided which levels the soil on the bed uniformly. This device saves time & labor. We provide bed planter that have following features:


● Highly durable Structure.
● Long lasting & functionally superior.
● Does not require continuous maintenance.
● Suitable for wheat & piprament, kossy.
●one time two crops.
● Width of Bed 31’’.
● Tractor H.P. required 35 H.P & above.

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